Pelucas en la niebla

Pelucas en la niebla (Wigs in the Mist) is a mini-concert, a pocket-sized musical, a study on emotions in music, on the high obtained in a spectacularly small, hidden and personal world. Pelucas en la niebla enters a hidden cave in the brain with amphoras and synthesizers; it tries to find the place where music truly lies.

foto pelucas mesa

A project by Cris Blanco
Music: Óscar Bueno Rodríguez & Cris Blanco
Costumes design & Spatial design assistant: Jorge Dutor
Artistic assistants: Jorge Dutor & Óscar Bueno Rodríguez.
Executive production: Cris Blanco & Elclimamola
Coproduction: Festival SÂLMON<-Mercat de les Flors & Teatre Principal de Palma
Thanks to: Jorge & Guillem, Óscar Bueno & Anto Rodríguez, Tanya Beyeler, Amaranta Velarde, Rubén Ramos, Gloria March Chulvi, Ayara Hernández, Leticia Skryky, “Susana” ( Clara Tena, Aimar Pérez Galí, Alejandría Cinque & Quim Bigas) Elena Carmona, Cristina Alonso & Marine Budin.

Full video: